My experiences with motherhood , defining me as a person

 As I navigated through the journey of motherhood , entrepreneurship together, I realised that the paths converged at many points and there was so much to takeaway from one aspect to another

Art is like Meditation for me

Give me a paintbrush, some colors and leave me alone – in any part of the world , and I am Happy.My strokes may not be perfect, but it invokes a self reflection, healing and stress release process for me.

It is my mechanism to cope up, with pretty much anything

Whatever is their Passion, let them Pursue it

Lockdown took away lots from kids – friends, creative play, open spaces.

About 6 months back , my 9 year old son started directing all his energies and creativity into brick building. What started as a weekend activity – grew into passion – we closely observed his involvement and focus into the activity of building.

Soon he knew what series of legos and bricks are around, he followed YouTubers to learn mini builds, started doing lego reviews, did one in his school event as well.

He started with 100 brick sets, now does over 3000+ bricks independently.A skill built just by following curiousity, passion, and perseverance (takes more than 12-18 hours to build certain sets)

We converted this into multiple things – for keepsakes –

1. I used Canva to build some interesting backdrops for his build pictures
2. Created a Notion site as a memoir to keep preserving his builds digitally(site link in comments)

Let them follow their passion- they will discover it – we just ought to be closely listening!!

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