I am an EdTech Entrepreneur , Product Strategist and a Community Builder.

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Built 7 revenue generating EdTech Products across the spectrum of Emerging technologies for 100K+ learners

multi geo GTM

Driving outcomes for learners across 3 geos – India, Canada, Sweden

community building

Built DataGiri (India’s largest Data Science Community) & G-Tribe from ground up

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Why do we need Learning Communities?

March 2020 changed so many things. Our office in Mumbai is empty today, our team is working remotely, our physical classrooms are vacant. But our mission continues – of enabling career pivots in emerging tech. Through all the challenges, one of the things I have observed with admiration is just how adaptable and resilient we

You want to start-up? Only 1 way to succeed

You want to startup? Only 1 way to succeed I have read innumerable stories of founders who started up because they had an idea that they strongly believed in and wanted to build a company around it. That’s an incorrect reason to start a company. Also, sometimes people have a vision of being a founder/CEO

How Did I Measure Learner Engagement

How Did I Measure Learner Engagement in Online Classroom? In 2018, when we at GreyAtom made a complete 360 from the traditional offline learning experience to an online remote learning environment,I knew it was time to “Flip the Classroom”. What I primarily flipped was the active role of the instructor in passing the concepts and